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We organize diving courses for all levels, indoor sports diving courses and diving courses for surfers.

Professionalism and flexibility distinguish our center, making our offer versatile and customizable to your needs.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn about the diving world or improve your skills in the beautiful waters of Gran Canaria.

Your first Freediving

Do you think you might like it but you do not know if it suits you?

Make your first freediving experience with us!

The activity consists of a theoretical session where you will be provided with the necessary knowledge to do your first dive and a practical session where we are going to dive into the sea in front of the beautiful beach of Las Canteras.

We will provide you with the necessary equipment and an insurance policy for divers lasting one day.

Level 3

The third-level course is addressed to experienced divers who already have the basic technical skills and a good experience. Before attending this course, you will need to have a good state of mental and physical health and have attended a freediving course at our center or at a recognized institution.
The course will develop into a series of theoretical and practical sessions in a limited area and in the open sea where you will learn the techniques of physical and mental training for freediving and you will be introduced to the concepts of deep equalization. Furthermore, first aid skills will be developed

Level 1

The first level course is a course of initiation to freediving addressed to all people who want to get close to the fantastic freediving world. To participate, just be more than 14 years, enjoy a good state of health and be in possession of a minimum swimming technique.

The course will develop into a series of theoretical and practical sessions in a limited area and in the open sea where you will learn more about freediving from a technical, physical and physiological point of view. Particular attention will be paid to the development of risk prevention techniques and safety in freediving

Sports Freediving

Course designed to give athletes the theoretical and practical foundations of indoor sports freediving.

The training schedule includes some theoretical sessions to learn the foundations of indoor sports freediving, some practical sessions where to acquire the basics of breathing and relaxation, and a series of sessions in the pool in which to develop their skills in the various subjects of indoor sports freediving (dynamic apnea with or without equipment and static apnea)

Level 2

The second level course is a course aimed at delving into the breath-hold diving technique. It is open to all people over the age of 14, having a good mental and physical health and the basic free diving skills acquired through self-teaching or a first level course. The course will develop into a series of theoretical and practical sessions in a limited area and in the open sea where the students will deepen and consolidate their technical skills. Particular attention will be paid to the breathing and relaxation techniques as well as the development of conscious and safe diving.

Freediving for surfers

Course designed for surfers who want to improve their apnea and safety.

During the theoretical sessions, we will analyze the key concepts of the physiological process of breathing, the risks arising from lack of oxygen, the freediving training methods and techniques to manage the apnea performed under high stress conditions.

During the practical sessions, we will see the technique of breaststroke underwater as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.

You can test your new skills by simulating training sessions and static apnea

Technical sessions

Our technical sessions are designed for free divers who have already attended a course with us or with another training institution and who wish to deepen or improve a part of their technical background.

This type of training is carried out through individual practical and theoretical sessions and may cover the techniques of equalization, finning, breaststroke underwater, breathing or psychological aspects of the athlete such as the difficulty to approach a maximum performance or the ability to relax.

Get in touch with us to arrange a training program tailored to your needs


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